Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Deja vu all over again

My Achilles heel did me in again last night. No matter how many times I swear I'm not going to overbet stealth two pairs, all too often I do it anyway. On just the third or fourth hand of the night, I found myself going all in on a stealth two pair. Not only did I not win, I didn't even come in second! Here are the ugly details:

my chip stack at the start of the hand: $34,400
my hole cards: 4d 6d
flop: 5h 6h 4h
turn: Qd
river: Qc
winning hand: ten high flush
second best hand: eight high straight
my hand: third best
my chip stack at the end of the hand: $0

Looking back at this hand, there's no way I should have bet another cent after a flop like that. I mean, it's so obviously both a straight draw and a flush draw. It's imperative that I work extremely hard to disable the reality distortion field that fogs my brain every time I see a stealth two pair.

I reupped at another table and went up about $20k almost immediately. I should have stopped at that point, but didn't. Eventually I lost almost all of those winnings, and finally called it a night.

delta: $-38,770
balance: $582,944

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