Friday, May 7, 2010

Battling back

Last night I again lost my whole starting stack of $40k at the first table I joined. I reupped at a different table, as is my custom. I don't understand why some players reup at the same table where they've just hit the felt. For one thing, it's certainly possible that the reason they hit the felt is that the other players at the table are simply more skillful. In such a case, it's foolhardy to stick around for more, since the likely result is another felting. Even if the feltee took some bad beats, and has the same or higher skill level as most of the other players, they have the advantage of the history of his play to help them decide how to play against him. Of course, that history works both ways; the feltee has the history of their play to help him also. I guess it's a personal choice; I just feel that joining a new table wipes the mental slate clean, and gets rid of bad vibes.

At the second table, I did much better, winning back almost all the chips I'd lost at the first. The most common thing I did last night was actually folding on the river; I did that 10 times out of 58 hands. That can be costly, but not nearly as costly as calling when you don't have the best hand. I actually won more pots without a showdown (6) than I did with a showdown (4). Winning pots without a showdown is never a bad thing!

delta: $-2,915
balance: $561,653

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