Friday, April 26, 2013

Six whales

One of the nice features of the PokerStars software is the ability to see at a glance, in a section of the main lobby window, a list of all the players at a selected table, what country they're from, and what the current size of their stack is. You can sort the list by any of these attributes, in either ascending or descending order. I always sort the list by stack size, in descending order; that's how I keep track of where my stack is relative to the other players at my table. Last night, I noticed something quite rare - the combined amount of chips at the table kept growing, until there were fully six players (including me) who had stacks of more than $100,000. The only way that can happen is for the unsuccessful players to keep hitting the felt, and either keep reupping or keep getting replaced by new (and equally unsuccessful) players, and for the successful players to keep playing instead of cashing out. The combined amount of chips at the table peaked at $820,073; I checked the records, and there was only one session this year which had a higher combined amount - $961,977, on 4/13.

During current Hold'em session you were dealt 60 hands and saw flop:
 - 4 out of 7 times while in big blind (57%)
 - 6 out of 9 times while in small blind (66%)
 - 15 out of 44 times in other positions (34%)
 - a total of 25 out of 60 (41%)
 Pots won at showdown - 7 of 9 (77%)
 Pots won without showdown - 1

delta: $62,552
cash game no limit hold'em balance: $4,814,178
balance: $7,263,586

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