Sunday, April 28, 2013

Perpetual patience

I gave this post a title describing a poker quality which I don't possess. To be fair, no human being possesses such a quality; only a machine could. Last night, I was patient for a long time, but not perpetually. I started the last hand of the night with $10,129, and ended it with nothing. I'd been dealt a pair of eights, and the flop came 3d Kc 3s. A player acting before me bet $2,200, and I decided he didn't have a king. I didn't make this decision based on any kind of read; I made it because I was tired of playing, and my holding was good enough to make a final stand with. To be consistent with my decision that my opponent didn't have a king, I felt duty bound to call with my last $5,129 when my opponent put me all in on the turn, after a turn card of 2c. It turned out he did have a king, and I was done for the night. This hand revealed to me one of the weak parts of my game. I'm not willing enough to cut my losses and end a session before I hit the felt. A session where I lose $30,000 is better than one where I lose $40,000, and I need to keep that in mind more often.

During current Hold'em session you were dealt 110 hands and saw flop:
 - 7 out of 13 times while in big blind (53%)
 - 9 out of 14 times while in small blind (64%)
 - 35 out of 83 times in other positions (42%)
 - a total of 51 out of 110 (46%)
 Pots won at showdown - 5 of 10 (50%)
 Pots won without showdown - 9

delta: $-40,000
cash game no limit hold'em balance: $4,835,816
balance: $7,285,224

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