Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Poker tax

Paying to see the flop is similar to paying taxes, except that you pay the tax before you gain the revenue. It's incredible how often, when I try to get cute and avoid paying tax on a marginal hand, I'm punished by a flop which would have given me a great chance of winning. I don't get cute as often as I used to, it's true, but I still do it a bit too much.

Last night I saw a bunch of players come and go at my table, but hung in there until I was able to realize a small but decent profit. My last hand, I won a pot of $17,800 with a full house, deuces full of sixes; I'd been dealt a pair of deuces. I always have a good feeling when I get dealt that hand, since I've turned it into at least a set on more than one occasion.

delta: $7,900
balance: $840,195

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