Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The end of the beginning

Friends and neighbors (as Stephen King likes to say), I did it. Last night, I achieved what I set out to do roughly a year and a half ago; I surpassed the million dollar mark in play money. On my final two hands, lady luck took my head in both of her hands, drew me towards her, and kissed me full on the lips. What a way to achieve the goal!

penultimate hand:

my hole cards: 9c 7c
flop: 5c 8c 6c
turn: 5h
river: Tc

I'll have to figure out what the odds are of flopping a straight flush; surely infinitesimal. Then I'll have to figure out what the odds are of improving your flopped straight flush on the river! Infinitesimally infinitesimal. I only won a pot of $3,400 with this hand, more's the pity.

final hand:

my hole cards: Kh Ts
flop: Kd Kc Tc
turn: Js
river: Qs

I won a pot of $82,600 with this hand. The odds of flopping a full house are better than those of flopping a royal flush, but they're still extremely small. The odds of flopping a royal flush on one hand and flopping a full house on the very next hand are so remote that I honestly believe this was a direct sign from the poker gods to me of their approval.

To make the sweetness of the session complete, the win brought me back to the golden ratio again -- twice as many winning sessions (178) as losing ones (89).

As I mentioned some posts ago, I've had a plan for a new poker goal which I was only waiting for the achievement of my original goal to reveal. Here it is: I want to win my next play million by playing pot limit Omaha, a poker flavor I've never tried. I love Hold'em, but want to pad my poker resume. On to pastures new!

delta: $42,400
balance: $1,035,624

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