Thursday, August 26, 2010

Auspicious start

Last night, I had an auspicious start playing PLO (pot limit Omaha) for the first time. Since I'm a newbie to Omaha, I joined a $5/$10 table instead of a $100/$200 table. I'd read some good introductory information on Omaha beforehand, so I was well prepared to fold early and often.

Unfortunately, for some reason PokerStars doesn't make play money Omaha tables available on their .com site, so I had to use their .net site instead; a big drawback of using the .net site is that it doesn't make hand histories available, the way the .com site does. Therefore, for the time being I won't be able to study the hands I've played. My first step will be to send a friendly email to PokerStars, asking why the only play money tables on their .com site are Hold'em tables, and requesting that they make play money Omaha tables available as well. If that doesn't get results, I'll definitely consider writing a program to save the hand histories myself; that's one of the advantages of being a computer programmer!

I forgot to save the stats from the session, but I think I played around 50 - 60 hands and won 3 or 4 of them. I actually played at two tables since everyone eventually deserted the first table I joined. My final hand, I won a pot worth $5,870 with a full house, queens full of kings.

Seeing that I had more than quadrupled my initial stack of $2,000, I decided to augment my poker database to be able to see where that session stood in terms of percent gain on initial stack size; it came in fourth of 268 sessions, with a percent gain of 311.75. Not bad for my first crack at a new game!

delta: $6,235
balance: $1,041,859

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