Friday, September 24, 2010

Fellow play millionaires

One big difference between pot limit poker and fixed limit poker is that pot limit has a maximum buy-in, but fixed limit does not (at least at the fixed limit 7 card stud tables I've been playing on PokerStars). The fixed limit player chooses his own buy-in amount, though a default amount is suggested by the software. The reason for this is that with the fixed limit structure, there's no way for a player to go all in, except in the case where the number of chips left in his stack is less than or equal to the maximum legal bet; therefore, no player can use a massive stack to scare other players off a hand. I've noticed that some players will choose a massive buy-in amount in a possible attempt to intimidate other players, or maybe just as a form of bragging. Already, I've seen two players buy in for a million play dollars or more. This is something I'll never do, but it's interesting to realize there are other play millionaires out there.

Last night, I was on fire early on, then cooled off a bit toward the end. The hand I was proudest of was when I was dealt three kings but folded on the river; as it turned out, both hands which went to showdown had me beat.

During current Stud session you were dealt 114 hands and:
- saw fourth street 111 times (97%)
- saw fifth street 100 times (87%)
- saw sixth street 85 times (74%)
- reached showdown 38 times (33%)
Pots won at showdown - 23 of 38 (60%)
Pots won without showdown - 13

delta: $13,813
balance: $1,047,691

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