Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Magnificent Seven

I had the best session of my poker career last night. It was only seven hands long, but I'm already calling them "The Magnificent Seven"! If you play poker long enough, you're likely to have a night like this eventually. Needless to say, it feels absolutely awesome!

hand 1: my two pair of aces and jacks won a pot of $5,800 without a showdown
hand 2: I folded a pair of sevens on a flop of Qs Jd 8c
hand 3: I folded 7s 3s on a turn of Td after a flop of 2c Ks 3c
hand 4: my two pair of aces and queens won a pot of $99,300
hand 5: my full house of fours full of sevens won a pot of $82,700
hand 6: my ace high straight won a pot of $18,500
hand 7: I folded my pair of tens before the flop

During current Hold'em session you were dealt 7 hands and saw flop:
- 1 out of 1 times while in big blind (100%)
- 1 out of 1 times while in small blind (100%)
- 4 out of 5 times in other positions (80%)
- a total of 6 out of 7 (85%)
Pots won at showdown - 3 of 3 (100%)
Pots won without showdown - 1

delta: $115,800
balance: $694,164

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