Friday, July 9, 2010


Poker is a game of imagining. You have to be able to imagine what your hand might become, and you also have to be able to imagine what hands your opponents might have. Of course, poker is also a game of probabilities, but imagination and probability have a symbiotic relationship. The less likely something is to happen, the harder it is too imagine, and vice versa.

The hardest hand for me to imagine an opponent having is pocket rockets. I never give that possibility enough credence. That's obviously a failing, since I've been dealt that hand my share of the time. Last night, I took a big hit early on in the session when my pair of kings lost to those selfsame aces. I took an even bigger, crippling hit later on due to another failure of imagination; my straight lost to a flush. I hit the felt shortly afterwards.

However, I have no difficulty imagining I'll do better tonight!

delta: $-35,993
balance: $620,798

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