Saturday, June 19, 2010

Expecting to win

I expect to win every time I play. I just feel that my card sense is better than that of most of the opponents I've encountered. Brash, bold words, I know. The funny thing is, rather than leading me into trouble, this hubris actually seems to have allowed me to become quite successful. I don't get too down when I lose, and I don't play scared.

I'll admit, I did play scared for roughly 3 months, the period when I chose to play the $5/$10 tables exclusively. I thought then that the best way to get to my goal was a slow and steady progression over the course of years. I'm not exactly sure what made me change my mind; I think I just got fed up with the snail's pace.

Last night I achieved lift fairly early in the session, and mini-porpoised the rest of the way.

delta: $22,550
balance: $689,811

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