Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Doubly cooled

It's tough enough to survive one cooler in a sit and go; two coolers are simply too much to overcome. Luckily for me, when they hit, I was already heads up in the second tournament I entered. I lost the first one, an 8-game, rather quickly, and decided to join a no limit hold'em table for my second one. The reason was that I knew I didn't have the time to wait for another 8-game to fill up.

In both coolers, I would have won the tournament had my hand held up; here's how they went down:

cooler #1: I was dealt 9s 9h, got into a brief pre-flop raising war, had my opponent covered, and called his all in bet. He'd been dealt Jc 9c, making me a 61.58% favorite to win the hand. He hit a jack on the turn, and his jacks held up.

cooler #2: I was dealt Qc 9s, and the flop came 6h 9c Qd; my opponent, who I had covered, went all in on the flop, and I called. After the flop, I was an 81.82% favorite to win the hand. My opponent filled a gutshot on the river, and my stack was crippled.

Thanks to my second place, I ended up losing the minimum you can lose when you play two $50,000 buy in tournaments.

buy_in entry_fee num_players num_hands place winnings

 45000      5000           6        86     4        0
 45000      5000           6        40     2    94500

delta: $-5,500
tournament balance: $2,168,090
balance: $9,050,789

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