Wednesday, February 26, 2014

An unsatisfying win

Last night, I had my longest wait yet for an 8-game table to fill up - over half an hour. For that reason, I decided to start up an 8-game table tonight before writing my blog post, instead of after. That should save me some time :-) Even though I came in first in the one tournament I played last night, it wasn't satisfying. When I got to heads up, my opponent decided to sit out for some reason. He never returned. It took me over 9 minutes, and 98 hands, to blind him off. I much prefer winning due to skillful play. Nevertheless, my balance went back into the blue again, which is never a bad thing :-)

buy_in entry_fee num_players num_hands place winnings

 45000      5000           6       207     1   175500

delta: $125,500
tournament balance: $2,293,590
balance: $9,176,289


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