Thursday, June 13, 2013

Long is wrong

Last night, I stayed too long at the fair. There's an old saying in poker that "long is wrong". The original meaning is that if you take too long to make a poker decision, more often than not you end up making the wrong one. I've found a second application for the adage (and don't kid myself that I'm the first to do so) - namely, that it's wrong to play poker for too long at one sitting. The longer you play, the likelier it is you'll run into bad luck. Of course, this doesn't apply to tournaments; in a tournament, you want to play as long as you can, since that's how you make the money. In a cash game, though, you want to quit when you're sufficiently ahead. Last night, I should have quit when I went up by over $60k. I ended up hitting the felt. Live and learn!

During current Hold'em session you were dealt 211 hands and saw flop:
 - 37 out of 43 times while in big blind (86%)
 - 24 out of 45 times while in small blind (53%)
 - 66 out of 123 times in other positions (53%)
 - a total of 127 out of 211 (60%)
 Pots won at showdown - 11 of 27 (40%)
 Pots won without showdown - 24

delta: $-100,000
cash game no limit hold'em balance: $4,913,236
balance: $7,362,644

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