Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lucky seven

Tonight I hit seven winning sessions in a row. I feel like I can't lose! I've had that feeling before, and know how misleading it can be. The thing is, though, when you're in a groove like the one I'm in now, you really believe you'll stay in it, despite all the proof to the contrary you have from before.

I actually think the quality of the competition was tougher when I was playing the $5/$10 tables. I was struggling to win $500 here, $600 there, and too often succumbing to the fate of losing my whole starting stack of $2,000. I hit some serious revenue-neutral and even revenue-negative patches. Now that I'm back at the $100/$200 tables, it just feels like Easy Street!

It's hard to believe I was despairing of reaching 300K by the end of this month; now I'm setting my sights on 425K for the same timeframe. That's a stretch, but possible. If I keep on the current trajectory, I should hit 1 million in play money in about 128 more sessions, which would be less than a year from now. Time will tell!

delta: $18,500
balance: $363,893

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