Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another wild ride

I keep on having to revise my rules, because I keep breaking them! Maybe I should just throw them out altogether. The arc of my play tonight was remarkable similar to that of my first "wild ride" session. I started out playing cautiously, went up about 5 grand early on, kept playing, went down about 2 grand, and then decided to leave the table because one of the players was routinely taking forever to act.

At the next table, I eventually lost my whole starting stack of $40K. Here's the bullshit part about my short-lived rule about never losing my whole starting stack -- it sounds great on paper, but it's impossible to put into practice. Quite often you have to go all in to protect a strong hand when you're playing at an aggressive table. This second table had some super aggressive players -- one of them built his stack up from about 70K to over 400K right before my eyes.

I actually had not one, but two losing pocket rocket hands at the second table. I was all in before the flop on the second one. One of the other two players in the hand was also all in before the flop, so we all got to see each other's cards before any community cards came out. Wouldn't you know, both of them also had pairs -- one jacks, the other kings. The flop came 7 J 9, the turn was another 9, and the river was an eight. So the set of jacks won, and I ate felt.

So now I was down roughly $42K after two tables, much like the other night. Like the other night, I disobeyed another of my rules and re-upped at another table. I made a quick 11K at that one, but it also had a slow player, so I left. At my fourth table, I made a killer pot very quickly. I had a full house, and raked in $80,100.

I now officially strike my rule against re-upping. It's much too limiting!

delta: $9,800
balance: $330,926

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