Friday, March 16, 2018

Pots lost at showdown

One of the key stats the PokerStars software keeps track of is pots won at showdown. The number of showdown hands is also displayed, as well as the percentage of showdown hands won. I've started to look at pots lost at showdown. Last night, I lost just one of the four hands I took to showdown. For practical purposes, that's the minimum number of pots you can lose at showdown in a tournament, since the final hand of any tournament where you don't come in first will produce a pot lost at showdown.

style flavor buy_in entry players hands entries paid place winnings

MTT-R NLHE    43500  6500       9    79      69   15    15   321000

delta: $171,000
MTT with rebuys NLHE balance: $34,014,500
2018 balance: $291,000
balance: $45,804,260

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