Monday, March 12, 2018

Another personal borscht

Last night, in the second tournament I played, I registered another personal borscht. The worst part was that I didn't win a single hand. The best part was that I lost the least chips per hand of any MTT-R NLHE where I failed to win a single hand. That almost certainly wouldn't have been the case had I added on.

style flavor buy_in entry players hands entries paid place winnings

MTT-R NLHE    43500  6500       9    10      78   18    52        0
MTT-R NLHE    43500  6500       9    48      62   15    29        0

delta: $-250,000
MTT with rebuys NLHE balance: $34,125,500
2018 balance: $402,000
balance: $45,915,260

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