Friday, September 22, 2017

Tournament ofer

On Wednesday night, I had a tournament ofer - that is, a tournament where I didn't win a single pot. Fortunately, tournament ofers don't happen to me very often; this was just my third MTT-R NLHE ofer in 161 tournaments. Once again, I joined a tournament late in its registration period, which is a pretty dumb thing to do. The reason this time? I'd been playing chess online prior to poker, and it was late enough at night that I couldn't afford to be too choosy.

style flavor buy_in entry players hands entries paid place winnings

MTT-R NLHE    43500  6500       9    23      69   15    39        0

delta: $-250,000
MTT with rebuys NLHE balance: $17,378,500
2017 balance: $18,310,150
balance: $29,727,980

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