Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My toughest opponents

What makes poker so special is that you're always relearning things you learned before. Poker keeps you humble that way :-) What I relearned last night is that my toughest opponents on PokerStars are the ones who play for the lowest stakes. It's actually kind of foolish of me to play at those low stakes tables, unless I'm a glutton for punishment. The alternative is too attractive to pass up - play against lower quality opponents for way more play money. I guess you could argue that I'm never going to improve by playing so many fish, but I'll take my chances :-)

style flavor buy_in entry players hands place winnings

SNG   8-Game    900   100       6    64     5        0
SNG   8-Game   9000  1000       6   101     1    35100

delta: $24,100
Sit and go 8-game balance: $612,910
balance: $10,207,064

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