Thursday, December 31, 2015

Biggest MTT payout

Last night, I had my biggest MTT payout ever - $74,020, for coming in second in an MTT 8-game. That one tournament took over 2 hours to play. Since the buy in plus entry fee was $5,000, that means I made a profit of $69,020, which comes out to roughly $575 a minute. That turns out to be chump change :-) The last time I came in first in a sit and go (which was the session before last), I made a profit of $125,500 in about 36 minutes, which comes out to roughly $3,486 a minute. There's clearly a better ROI in sit and gos than in MTTs, but I still like to play MTTs for the sheer fun of them.

style flavor buy_in entry players hands entries paid place winnings

MTT   8-Game   4500   500       6   191      94   18     2    74020
SNG   NLHE    45000  5000       6    26       6    3     3        0

delta: $19,020
Sit and go no limit hold'em balance: $2,574,300
balance: $10,535,364

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