Tuesday, November 3, 2015


On the most memorable hand of last night's session, I took a 2 by 4 to the head, figuratively speaking. It was my third sit and go, and by hand 62 I'd gotten to three handed play and had over half the chips in play. To be precise, I had 3,562, one opponent had 1,506, and the other had 932. I'd been dealt Ad 4d. The short stack, who'd been dealt Th Jh, went all in preflop. I called, and the middle stack got out of the way. I was a slight favorite (53.71%) to win the pot, until the flop, that is :-) The flop came 7h Js Jc, and just like that, I was a huge underdog. I had only a 0.3% chance of winning the pot. After the turn, I was officially drawing dead. To add insult to injury, the river card was the case jack. I'd been banjacksed! I ended up bubbling in third place.

Being so far ahead and then failing to make the money really hurt. It made me curious to look at all my third place finishes and see if I'd ever had a bigger percentage of the chips in play in any of the others than I had at my high point in last night's third tournament. Answer: no (as I suspected :-)).

buy_in entry players hands place winnings

 45000  5000       6    66     2    94500
 45000  5000       6    34     3        0
 45000  5000       6    80     3        0
 45000  5000       6    99     2    94500
 45000  5000       6    38     4        0

delta: $-61,000
Sit and go no limit hold'em balance: $231,700
balance: $7,622,164

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