Friday, January 22, 2016

Two memorable hands

I had two memorable hands last night. I lost one, and won the other. On the hand I lost, I was a big favorite, but it wasn't meant to be. My opponent didn't have the right odds to bet the way he did, but bet anyway. Let me check the archives ... ah, yes. I'd been dealt a pair of jacks, and my opponent had been dealt Qc 5c. The flop came 2c 3d 6s. He went all in, and I called. I was a 68.48% favorite, but he hit a straight on the turn, winning the hand right there, then had the effrontery to hit an unnecessary flush on the river :-)

On the hand I won, I hit an ace on the river. I think that hand was a see-saw battle where I was a favorite on the flop, a dog on the turn, then won on the river. Let me check the archives ... hmm. As it turns out, my memory was wrong. I was a 36.87% dog on the flop, and an even bigger dog, 22.73%, on the turn. I guess this hand made up for the earlier one, even though they were in different sit and gos.

In other news, I'm back in the blue :-)

style flavor buy_in entry players hands place winnings

SNG   NLHE    45000  5000       6    54     3        0
SNG   NLHE    45000  5000       6    65     1   175500
SNG   NLHE    45000  5000       6    77     1   175500

delta: $201,000
Sit and go no limit hold'em balance: $3,778,800
balance: $11,829,294

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